Tuesday, October 02, 2007

2nd October: just another holiday ?

Today is the 138th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and International Day of Non-Violence.

Is it just Another holiday for us? We celebrate this day by wishing our friends,sending sms's and forget the rest (Even i got some). We think that we have paid our respect to our father of nation. Is this a festival to be celebrated like this.

Albert Einstein once said "Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this walked the earth in flesh and blood". Its almost true today !!! This is becoming true not only for about Bapuji but for his teachings also. He life was based on truth and non-violence. He advocated Vegetarianism, Brahmacharya and simplicity.
Gandhiji had a golden mantra to solve problems. He asked his followers to hear other peoples problems with patience. By the time the problem was described most of them were solved.

For many of us these are some wild and strange philosophies meant only for politicians and for others who don't have any work. " We are serious , we don't have time for such madness" is what we say when we hear these. But this madness defeated the most powerful empire and got us freedom.

Swami Vivekananda believed in Narayana Seva. The service of God, Narayana, through the service of man, Nara. This, he said, involves ‘seeing God and serving him in all human beings, the living and moving temples of God.’ Swamiji asked ‘Where shall we go to seek for God? Are not all the poor, the miserable, the weak, gods? Why not worship them first?’ Gandhiji translated this beautiful thought into what he called Daridra Narayana Seva. The service of the poorest of the poor.

We all have a good life. What are we giving back to our society, our country for which millions have sacrificed all they had? Absolutely nothing. We are busy in our own world. Its the time we did something. Lets remove the fear of failure from our minds. Lets follow the path shown by Gandhiji. Quoting from RDB “What is it about these boys that makes them have no fear? I think sometimes a person can be pushed so far that they reach a point beyond fear; a place where you find a strange peace, where you free yourself to do the right thing; because sometimes, that's the hardest thing to do. “

Gandhiji removed this fear from his mind and so was the case with many others. Lets defeat this fear and move forward.

His teachings are still relevant. Gandhiji life is his message. Lets save this message in our life and follow it.

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