Saturday, March 08, 2008

Celebration of womanhood - My salute

It’s a celebration for what even I don’t know...but the world is celebrating. Millions are spent on parties, cards, ads but does this help in improving the living conditions of all those millions of sisters. They are not even aware of such day. They are not even aware that they are alive. A daily struggle for existence!!! What we have done to improve their lives? Yes we are busy but can’t we find few moments to spend with them, to do something to improve their life?

My angels …you are a wonderful creation of nature nurturing life, the foundation of all the civilization, knowledge and life. Through centuries you have silently suffered sacrificing all the joys. I salute you for all the things you have done.

You gave me life, you nourished me, you taught me to walk, talk & play, you taught me the alphabets, to read, you taught me the meaning of life, you protected me from illness and from all the other evil things, with your small sweet hands you removed my sorrows, walked and played with me when I was alone, shared the treasures of childhood with me. You helped me understand myself and the world around me. You helped me in understanding people, you taught me to solve problems by facing it. (Barriers break when people talk – Airtel add, I just like it  ) You helped me build my dreams, gave me courage and direction when I started moving away. You taught me the meaning of courage and sacrifice.

What I am today is because of you. I have just started but you have shown me the destination. You have given me the motivation, knowledge, strength and reason for my existence and for my journey towards my destination.

I might have been harsh sometimes. I might have been away when you needed me. I might have hurt you, a big sorry for all those wrong doings.

I cannot repay you but only can thank the almighty for this wonderful creation of yours. Thanks mom, sis & my dear friends for all the things you have done, for making me a better human being

I salute you once again

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