Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Beaten and buried alive for choosing life partner !!!

Well this was a news item which i could stop my self from posting … no comments required. Its a real horror

Issue not debated in Senate in deference to “tribal traditions”

Five women from Umrani tribe in Balochistan were shot at and later buried alive

Though incident took place on July 14, case registered only on Monday

ISLAMABAD: Following a national outcry, the government scrambled on Monday to arrest four people suspected of involvement in burying five women alive in Balochistan and exhumed two bodies for investigations.

The Senate, Parliament’s Upper House, thoroughly embarrassed by two of its veteran members, who last week put up a staunch defence of the “honour killings” as a “tribal tradition,” also sought to make amends.

The House had a lengthy discussion on the issue and passed a resolution condemning the burial, demanding that those who behind the crime should be tried and punished.

The five women belonged to the Umrani tribe. Among them, three were teenagers who wanted to marry men of their choice. The two other women were the mother of one girl and an aunt, who supported the decision of the girls.

According to a report by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), the women were abducted by a group of men belonging to the Umrani tribe and taken to a remote spot in Jaferabad in eastern Balochistan.

There, the men first sprayed bullets at the teenagers, and while they were still breathing, are reported to have pushed their bodies into a ditch and started throwing mud and stones at them. When the two older women protested, they were pushed into the ditch too and buried with the others.

Though the incident happened on July 14, a case was registered only on Monday morning. The AHRC and newspaper reports alleged the police did not take note of the killings because the brother of a provincial Minister, a member of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), was involved.

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