Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is hope?

I read it last day in some book. In a farm the donkey was ill treated by his owner. All the other animals asked him to run away. But our poor donkey didn’t. One day the horse confronted the donkey & asked the reason for his silent sufferings. Donkey said that it was because of hope. All the others were all ears. Our donkey explained that whenever the small girl of farm owner made some mistake he would tease her by saying that one more mischief & he will marry her to a donkey and this was the hope to which our donkey was hanging on, He believed that one day his master will be serious and will do as he said!!!!!!!
May be that what we all have a hope, a silver lining to which we hold our life and move on…struggling.. fighting… till the last blood .. till the last breath.

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