Sunday, June 14, 2009

Invitation to view Abhi's native land

Previous two weeks brought a lot of changes in my life. First of all I was almost transferred then it was the sudden trip to my native place. I knew the meeting was inevitable but it was so sudden. The week before last week while traveling back to Kochi, I had to get down at my native place. Almost all who could come was present there. Tired & red eyed I reached home by 11:30 pm. The sleep in the village was a pleasant one. Cool breeze from the fields sung me lullabies. Next day was the D day, a lot of discussions & decisions. Temporarily there was a cease fire & I had the time to catch up my vanar sena of cousins.

Visiting all those places brought back the sweet memories of childhood. I prayed to God to bring back those carefree times. the little streams where we bathed when we came for holidays, the rubber trees , plantations, the mangroves all were there smiling at me, I stood there for minutes looking back to history. I was overwhelmed by my emotions. maybe I was again becoming a human. I was brought back to reality when one of cousin insisted to show me his secret places. He was very adamant that I go alone with him. It was a small safari across paddy fields. This was the time when I really missed my camera but still I got few snaps in my phone. By lunch time we were back & I had a lot of varieties of food waiting for me. I was the only Veggie there, it was a sumptuous feast. In those two days I ate more food than what I ate in the previous two weeks :), Rest of the time was spent visiting all other relatives (and eating of course :D ) I was planning to make the trip back early morning but every time I tried to pack, I was persuaded to postpone my trip. After all how could I refuse the request of my sweet angels. We played, danced, ate and made a lot of noise.

It was a real blast, a vacation in disguise from the mad world tied to watch. Here time was slow and sometime I felt it was waiting for me. Surely this short trip must have added few more days to my short life. Maybe after few more years I will retire (not so old :D but a voluntary one) and I will settle down in some green place among the woods, near some stream. Each day will not start with alarms from different clocks but with the sweet songs of birds.

Now back to the virtual world of bugs, deadlines and pressure. another world another story...

Well u can catch some of the green pics @

My native place
Jun 5, 2009
by Abhi
The green, paddy fields
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