Sunday, August 09, 2009

The reason I would die for

It started as a dream,
a dream which kept me alive,
I wandered though the miseries of life,
in pursuit of happiness,
in search of you…

You are my unfulfilled prophesy,
you are all what I had, what I cared for
the reason to live for…
the reason to die for.

Words are caught in my own breath,
drowned in my own feelings,
you keep me floating,
the longing to be together keeps me going.

I waited so long for one answer,
which could have changed the world forever for me.
The sound of words and promises can be hollow
but I cant leave the feelings inside,
don’t let my heart turn to stone.

I had a dream yesterday, a beautiful dream
we were together on a beach ,
countless stars watching us,
walking gently hand in hand.

I still can feel the warmth of your body
the aura of your soul around me.
When I am near you I am alive,
hold me close,
don’t let me fall into the chasm of emptiness.

I want this dream to last forever,
without you I am a dead stone.
I've cried a thousand tears for this moment
looked up the dark sky and prayed.

I don’t know the source of this feeling.
Now It’s just not a feeling but
a promise,
a prophesy,
all because
You are the reason I would live for…
You are the reason I would die for…



Anonymous said... vivid description of love

Anonymous said...

you love your "reason" so much? it feels good to see real love flourishing in you

Anonymous said...

once again you have done it buddy


Anonymous said...

can you love some one so much?

ELJI said...

Good So atlast AC fall in love,,,,Gooooood

Anonymous said...

wow so cute ...she would be really lucky

Firdaus said...

never knew one meet will erupt such a verbose volcano .....had i known i would have stayed back......carry on poet ...