Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mission accomplished: Year 2013 no ice cap on North Pole

The meltdown in the Arctic is speeding up and as a result the North Pole could be ice-free by 2013 instead of in 60 years' time as earlier predicted, scientists have warned. Their apprehensions are based on computer studies of satellite images that reveal that ice at North Pole melted at an unprecedented rate last week -- the disappearance is said to have exceeded the record loss of more than a million square kilometers in 2007 as global warming tightened its grip.

Scientist Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University: "When we did the first climate change computer models, we thought the Arctic's summer ice cover would last until around 2070.”It is now clear we did not understand how thin the ice cap had already become -- for Arctic ice cover has since been disappearing at ever increasing rates. Every few years we have to revise our estimates downwards. "Now the most detailed computer models suggest the Arctic's summer ice is going to last for only a few more years -- and given what we have seen happen last week, I think they are probably correct."

You will think that in another 5 years some how we will do something.
Now the most shocking part. The ice cover may disappear temporarily this year itself according to scientists. Shrinking ice cap in the Arctic Ocean even produced a new sea route from the Bering Strait to Oslo last summer. Maritime enterprises in some industrial nations such as the United States and Britain have started mulling on how to use it to cut cost over the past six months!!! Still they haven’t learned. Their greed will kill us all. The rich developed nation will somehow protect them but what about those poor people in the developing & under developed countries. They will be massacred with no fault of them or their ancestors.

Imagine the tragedy when this happens. Floods, droughts and even war for fresh water.
Millions of people could be forced from their homes and suffer increasing disease, cyclones and floods caused by global warming. Chronic food and water insecurity and epidemic disease may impede economic development. And all this because of the greed of human race. And still they are not learning. Now everybody got china and India to blame. The biggest polluter United States is hiding behind them and blaming them. They say they will reduce their emission only if china & India also share the responsibility. China and India says that they don’t have to reduce any emissions since their per capita emissions are far less than United States!!! What a vicious cycle? But this never ending blame game will turn our green planet into a water world with even Everest under water. That would be a great achievement indeed. Shame on the world leaders. There won’t be anything left to fight for. It the time for action rather than blaming each other. Let put pressure on our peers, our government and the entire human race to protect our green plant not for our children grandchildren but for us.
Don’t wait for The Day After Tomorrow (movie by Roland Emmerich). Act now….

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