Sunday, November 09, 2008

A visit to dome of love

This was an evening which will remain in my memory for a long time. It was a day of candle visit. It was an evening which I spent with few sweet angles sent from heaven smiling, singling and playing. It was an evening when I didn’t think about PD, efforts, task or Paulo Coelho or any body but only pure love.

I almost forgot about the candle visit. After weeks (or months) I was planning to go home early. Somebody reminded me about the visit. We a group of around 13 people set for the rendezvous. We reached Swanthanam Orphanage by 6:30. The angles at Swanthanam were having their daily prayer. We waited outside, I could spot smile on many faces when they saw us. For a moment I also closed my eyes joining them in their prayer.

After the prayer the children joined us. We had sweets for them. We gave it the “Chechi” for distribution. The moment I entered the hall Silpa caught me and complained that I didn’t keep my promise. (Actually I had promised them that I would visit them few months back but I couldn’t). Again they complained that we didn’t bring all those Chechis (big sisters) from our company. I said I will bring them next time (another promiseJ).

There were a lot of new faces. I couldn’t re-collect the names of many but almost everybody remembered mine. They are just like any other children only staying with such a big family. We had a small concert with Rebin and me representing IBS. It was a competition. The result was written on wall we lost miserably. We heard stories of their school and all the adventures they had. My story was simple (now don’t ask me for that it not so complex, quite simple). Like Airtel Ad “Dil Ki Baath” We talked the language of heart breaking the boundaries. Ammu & her small gang want me to lift them. It was a good exercise for my hand. Almost everybody was busy with these restless bundles of joy. Renu had three children on her lap always. She was practicing very hardJ.

There is a lot to write but I am stopping myself with a promise and belief that I will pen many such events.

When we compare our life with these children we know how fortunate we are. They were happy that we visited them. They were happy with what God gave them. They didn’t complain but only had a strong desire to live the life to full. May be I should (rather we all) learn something from them.

If I had missed this trip I would have missed one of the brightest evenings of my life. Today I slept with a smile on my lips and peace in my heart.

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