Monday, November 10, 2008

Rape of Goa

Goa Education Minister Babush Monserratte's son Rohit, who allegedly raped a German minor girl, was granted bail on Monday. The mother of the minor had withdrawn the charges against him. 

This was the headline in almost all the news channels today. What a shame. The state with such rich culture and tolerance had become the breeding ground of pedophiles and rapists. The state was portrayed as the tourist destination of India, with it cosmopolitan culture soon we had foreign tourist swarming in large numbers. With more publicity came the bad apples, a nexus of drugs, prostitution & sex, the trilogy of destruction, the evils playground.

Dil chahta hai showed Goa in a different light where friends could hang out, part hard & spend some good time together. But now if I say to my family that I am going to Goa they will think twice. The place has earned the reputation of evil. Who is to blame – the administration, locales everybody.  Tourists come to India to see the things which they don’t get in their motherland. Creating another Paris or Bali won’t add anything. They should be treated to the rich culture of the land and not something which they can any where else.

Now going back to the main story. Once gain the money & power wins & truth is defeated. It’s not shocking that the mother had withdrawn her complaint. The agony after the rape which she and her daughter might have undergone would be much worse and brutal than the actual incident itself, The constant media attention, the threat of the powerful politician trying to save his son ( I shouldn’t give my verdict before court but…) would have created a miserable life for her.
Mr. Minister you said you are confident of the Law, where is the law when the victim is treated like a culprit with all the psychological tools employed to destruct her self belief.

It said that “ athiti devo bhava” that is guest are God they should be treated like God. Look round us; are we treating our guests like God or some criminals? 
I pray for the well being of the German tourist and many such innocent sisters who were destroyed by these two legged animals. Let’s support them by all the means we can. Surely the democracy is more powerful than the money or politics. Let us show them our power of unity. 

The mantra -  protest, protest  & protest.

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