Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Confessions – Sorry Friend

I'm sorry for hurting you,
I'm sorry for making you cry,
I'm sorry i didn’t realize why
 I didn’t sleep for days,

Now I know because I hurt you.


I must be a fool, 
To have hurt my friend, who has been nothing but kind! 
I only wanted the best for you, within your life;

I thought I had the solution,

But it seems that I was wrong.

I never meant to make you feel, like I’ve cut you with a knife!

It was my mistake,

I opened up completely to you,

Something I NEVER, EVER do again to anyone!

I never thought that the DEVIL, could possibly win!

I had kept him at bay for quarter of century, I thought I won

But alas!!! I lost the battle of life.

I was carried over by his worldly charm

Now a “TRUE” friend, I have really lost!?

I will never see you again,

Lest, my eyes betray me again

I have closed my eyes forever.

May be it is better to be blind.


God, I have broken my promise,

I had promised,

That I would never hurt anyone

Even if I am hurt, injured or dead


But my Magical Angel I promise,

I will never hurt anyone again

I will never do the silly thing I did to you

I will never, never, never.


When I look back, I don’t know where I erred

When I look around, I see people with more sins happy.

But I can’t live with my soul tainted

Forgive me, I have sinned.


I am an illusion, fading away

A broken twig, swaying in the wind,

A chariot with a broken wheel

You deserve a better place.


I have prayed for you

I have asked, God

to give you my share of happiness, if any

to give me your share of sorrows and worries

I have prayed for victory against devil.


- Abhi


(I know this doesn’t sounds great may be like someone playing Elvis on a broken guitar, There is 5 more confessions to my dad, mom, sister, God and at last to myself, yes it’s an epic, another new year resolution)

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