Thursday, December 25, 2008

Economic bubble- man made greed

The great depression is in news; well I don’t want to add another comment to it. The entire world is bleeding because of the greed of the few. But it seems that nobody has learned. This economic bubble has hurt only the poor. The rich are still happy, but it’s the common man who is suffering. 

The US Fed has bailed out big corporations but did it help the common man??? The story is same in India, China, EU or elsewhere. Big corporations and those criminals responsible for our situation were bailed out but not the common and poor. The government should increase the money in the common man rather increasing the bank balance of these criminals. We are hearing daily about lay offs, When a single job is lost, idiots not the lost of a single person in most case the entire family has to suffer.

The bailed out Companies are giving millions as bonus but the same time millions are starved to death because of them. Countries have reduced their humanitarian aid. There is a big crisis looming over billions on our planet. They will get less food, no medicine, and no protection. There will be more riots, more anarchy, more corruption, more hunger, more diseases and many deaths. Add the color of terrorism to this and the picture is perfect!

We have seen many beggars in rags struggling for their daily bread but now we can see the modern corporate beggars flying in their private jet and begging!!! Long live capitalism 

Don’t our governments have any responsibility towards the common man or they want to save the ass of those famous??? Personally I feel all these criminals should be made to work without any pay and recover all the bonuses which they got from the sweat of the poor man. But who cares, the same people are appointed to rescue us from the mess created by them!!!

God Save us

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