Sunday, December 06, 2009

Thiruvalluvar: an ideal person to emulate in grihastha ash-ram

Thiruvalluvar was one person who always fascinated me. He was an ideal person. He was a Grihastha but was more divine and powerful than any sanyasi of his age. Thiruvalluvar showed people that a person could lead the life of a Grihastha or householder, and at the same time, lead a divine life or a life of purity and sanctity. He showed people that there was no necessity to leave the family and become a Sannyasin to lead a divine life of purity and sanctity. He expressed his philosophy in the Kural, a collection of 1330 short, pithy couplets, primarily in the form of maxims.

Hearing his stories about grihastha ash-ram  few sanyasis decided to test him. They asked Thiruvalluvar to invite them for lunch. Saint Thiruvalluvar understood their intentions. He simply kept quiet. He wanted to teach them the glory of Grihastha Ashrama by example.

When the sanyasi’s came visiting, Thiruvalluvar was taking cold rice. He said to his wife: "Vasuki, the rice is very hot. Bring a fan to cool it". Thiruvalluvar’s wife was drawing water from the well when Thiruvalluvar called her. She at once left the rope and ran to him with a fan to cool the rice. Sanyasis thought that Thiruvalluvar has gone insane; the rice was cold there was no need of fan. The vessel that contained water was hanging half-way in the well unsupported, on account of her Pativrata Dharma Shakti. Others noticed this phenomenon and the noble conduct of Vasuki and were simply struck with amazement.

The couple achieved the highest level of wisdom and divine knowledge through their devotion to each other. This is an ideal couple which we can emulate in our life

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