Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - Beware spam/fraud website

I have seen many types of spam. I have received emails from royals & similar officials of some unknown countries promising to deposit millions of dollars in my account. There were some unknown admirers who would have done anything for me !!!!!! Better sense prevailed i didn't even open such emails. 

But today even i was tricked to open an email. when i checked my email i found the following email. When i clicked on the hyper link i was redirected to rediff login page in The page had the same look and feel. But then suddenly i noticed the URL & the cat was out of the bag. Then i closely observed the mail which i had received which had many pointers to the fraud


surprise surprise surprise ... i had another mail waiting in my mailbox which also redirected to the same website !!!!!!!

Friends pass this message . Before you click on any such links in your email especially which asks for your login credentials or any such identification details please double check the email & the website. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Abhi,

I actually clicked on one of these and it said the page cud not be system functions normally. Do you think I'm affected. And by the way it said MasterCard customer..

Abhi said...

It may work properly but there is a high risk that your system will be infected. so better have a complete system scan using any good antivirus. Some time they may not harm us but install bot programs which can act as spam relay node. So better to be safe rather sorry. Have a complete checkup :) of ur sys

Be careful when u click such links in future

Happy browsing....

Anonymous said...

abhi, i also received a mail from the same rascal. i found the following details from whois:
"Domain Name: ASAMAL.NET
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS1.ASAMAL.NET
Name Server: NS2.ASAMAL.NET
Status: ok
Updated Date: 28-jan-2009
Creation Date: 27-jan-2009
Expiration Date: 27-jan-2012"

so this slimebag is a recent avatar.

i have warned my friends, but is there a way i can put a general warning? btw, why doesnt anyone do something about this?

with thanks,

Anonymous said...

I also click the hyperlink. It was supposedly Windows Live hotmail and it led me to a login page that looked exactly like the hotmail one except the URL was different. I didnt enter my login in details though. Do you think my computer could be affected? Do I need to format my computer as I dont have an anti-virus program installed.

Abhi said...

If you are using any personal OS like win XP then there are many antivirus and firewall which you can install for free. In fact i have couple of antivirus & firewall with me (at a time i will install only 1).

This site was a phishing site so most probably your computer will be safe.These scums are more interested in the data you provide online. but i suggest that you install some antivirus & keep it update always