Sunday, August 22, 2010

You are my sunshine

Once upon a time i was a human, with humane feelings, I scribbled few lines . i called it a poem .. i found this today & posted it. I was not bad.:D

I lay awake and saw the stars
the heaven looking down at me with envy
because I held you in my arms.
The beach was deserted
but I was full, I had you to hold on.

With your touch,
the magic spells of sadness were broken,
from a stone I had become a human.
Eyes were wide open,
looking at the gorgeous angel with wings.

With a beautiful smile
I slept in your tight embrace.
When I awoke, I was in my bed
It was only a dream,
and I knew
why my eyes were wet.

I wake and sigh,
and sleep to dream everyday thinking of you
of the truth which I cannot hide
I cannot write, I cannot speak or think

You came like a dark cloud in desert
like the sunshine in darkness
you have gone away so far
left me in the dark desert,
to suffer this loneliness alone.

When you are away
I feel as if I have lost my other half
incomplete in two, alive but dead
Alas !!! I know we won’t meet anywhere,
we reside in each other.
But still I miss you.

I have soared high on your wings.
You are my shining star in night
to guide me back to safety.
You are the lighthouse,
to which I steer my ship in this turmoil

You are my happiness,
you are the guiding light when skies are grey.
Take me also with you.
You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't go away.

You are my sweet little honeypot
from where I drink the nectar of happiness.
You are the princess of happiness from heaven,
who came to love me.
Im still waiting for your embrace,
free me from this world of sadness and humiliation,
take me also back to heaven

I miss you,
because you are my hope,
my sunshine,
my happiness.
you are my savior.

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