Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A different onam celebration

Onam celebration outside india. It was different. A lot of my friends asked how was my celebration. Onam in new york hmmmmm well we had a sort of celebration on saturday with all the mallus in xerox & nearby places. i wud say it was almost a party. after a long time i got the veg food :) wow we had food in banana leaf ... but the leaf was placed on a paper plate & many used fork 2 eat food :D.. there were few gujaratis's & few natives also along with we foreigners :)

on actual onam day, on monday we had pizza :(.........sunday i was on a shopping spree.. dollars poye oru kankum illa :(

we found a good indian resturant called indian flame basically a north indian punjabi restuarant. We get indian buffet for 8 $ wow .. so cheap ( yea 8$ is very cheap here :D ) by the time we go back 2 india they will remove the buffet system or will restrict to natives only :D
So this onam was definitely a different one. Hope i dont have the same experience again .. i miss the feast..

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