Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are you happy?

Happiness is a state not a destination. We all have a misconception that if we achieve certain things in life we will be happy. We are always preparing to be happy rather than be happy. We say that if I get good education then I will be happy, then we hunt for a good job, then we say that if I buy that house I will be happy; if I get married to that superstar I will be happy. The list doesn’t ends here. You will start worrying about your children & their future also. Every day of your life you will have something to worry.

All these achievements are good but they cannot guarantee your happiness if you don’t change. Happiness is within you, you cannot find it outside.

There is a famous story about a common fisherman. Our guy was resting near seashore taking a nap. A business man in suits and tie comes and starts asking questions.

Businessman: “Why didn’t you go fishing today?”
Fisherman: “Yesterday I caught enough fish. Today I can rest and enjoy my day”
Businessman:”If you had gone fishing today, you would have caught more fish”
Fisherman:”Why should I catch more fish? I already have what I need”
Businessman:”With more fish you will have more profit and more savings. With more savings you can buy your own boat. With more profit you can buy more boats and become a successful person”
Fisherman:”What will I get from this success”
Businessman:”When you are successful you will be able to enjoy life more. You will be happier. You will be able to come to this seashore to relax more often”

Hearing this our fisherman smiled and said that he was doing exactly the same; enjoying his life, he was happy & he had enough time to spend on that beautiful place.

Like that businessman we are in pursuit of imaginary happiness.

The key to happiness is to accept the way you are. You are always special. It is our ego which says that we are good for nothing or that we are bad. You are a miracle, a living being, capable of communicating your thoughts and feelings. Open your eyes and see the blessings you have. Stop worrying about the things you don’t have.  You should still work to improve your life but that shouldn’t happen at the expense of ignoring your family & friends.  Enjoy every day of your blessed life.

  • To be happy you don’t have to be perfect
  • To be happy you don't have to be loved by everyone
  • To be happy you don’t need all your dreams to come true
  • To be happy you don’t have to meet everyone’s expectations
  • To be happy you don’t have to be always good
  • To be happy you don’t have to  hide your emotions and feelings
  • To be happy you don’t have to be the smartest and richest person
  • To be happy you don’t need a perfect figure or body
  • To be happy you don’t have to compete with anyone.
  • To be happy you don’t……

The list is very big… you can email me the rest of the items, I will add to the list.

To be happy let go your ego, open your arms and embrace the life. Accept the life as it is. Accept the real magic in you. You are a miracle. You are special. You are beautiful.

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