Sunday, August 26, 2012

I am lost

I lost my sleep in my wandering
I searched but didn’t find the peace
Slowly I am losing myself,
Don’t know what it is.
It is a strange feeling,
Never knew it would feel like this
The heart has stopped beating
There is only a vacuum, a numbness
I cannot feel anything
Am I dead or living dead?

I have lost my dreams
It is darkness everywhere
Where am I to go?
Even the dreams has deserted me
Can I be in a dream?
It can’t be, how can I dream with eyes open
But it can’t be real also
How much more I have to suffer?

I have lost my soul
I have a big hole in me
Tearing me apart
It is hurting so deep
Like a deep cut of knife
I am slowly bleeding to death

I was so blind
I was expecting water in this desert
I should have known
I cannot escape my destiny
I cannot escape pain
Alas, it was only a mirage
Am I supposed to die of thirst in this desert?

I just wish that this pain would go away
I just wish that I could sleep in that embrace
I am so empty
I am lost in this wilderness



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