Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mothers: the visible God in our life

Last day I was burning my calories in gym. I was jogging in treadmill. There was an old film playing on the TV set. The story revolves around a father and mother, their struggles on how they bring up their son. The son goes to colleges, marries a girl and comes back. He mistreats his parents and after selling the family home; he forces his old parents to live in an old age home. This is not a unique theme; we can see the same plot in many movies.

The sad part is that we can see this in real life in many homes. I never understood how someone can be so cruel. In a family there can be difference of opinions. In my own family there were many occasions when I had the strong opinion difference with my dad & mom. I am not proud of those moments & I don’t think either my dad will be.  As they become old they may need special attention and care. We may be tired of them but have we ever wondered how many sacrifices they have done for us. How many nights sleep they have lost because of us when we were kids?  My mother had carried me in her womb for 10 months, nourishing me, giving her share of oxygen & food. How can I ever repay that?  I would have spoiled their many nights sleep with my crying when I was an infant. How about the nights when I was sick & my parents took care of me – sitting, sleeping beside me, hugging me, and giving me the warmth from their body. How can someone forget all these?

It’s very sad that we only worry about our comfort.  Even the thought of a small sacrifice irritates us.  It is a very sad truth that there are many children who conveniently forget about the sacrifices by their parents. Few days ago I visited such a place where I could find many such stories.
( I got a lot of love from those mothers. I have only pity for those children who couldn’t enjoy this true love.
 It is a belief that only God can give life. When I look around I can see only person doing that miracle. So if the mothers can give life, there should be some divinity in them. They should be God. What is the use of going to temple or church if you have hurt your mother?

 In the old pagan culture, womanhood was considered divine. They commanded respect. Natural elements were considered to be feminine because of the power they held. They called nature “mother nature”. This was true in almost all regions of the planet. But slowly the powerful men conspired against this & created lot of rules in the name of God to grab power. I don’t agree with such bearded learned scholars who oppress this divine creation.  God will never hear them because they have already hurt him/her.

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