Sunday, August 26, 2012

Towards the distant rainbow

Dark clouds are gathering fast in my sky
The eastern wind has lost its rhythm
Swirling around me in a deafening roar
I cannot even hear my heart crying over my dead soul.

I opened the window to embrace the coldness
I gave myself to the emptiness
The deep cut inside me shivered
The heart throbbed within me,
 trying to break free.

It has started raining heavily
The sky is pouring out,
coming down rapidly to embrace me
to comfort me in its hug, wiping my tears
Washing out all the dirt, all the emotions I had
Purifying me , strengthening me for the battles that awaits me

I stood there watching my last defense fading away with the passing clouds
Helpless, aimless, emotionless
Among the ruin, I have nothing else to hold on
only my shattered dreams and a lifeless soul.

The road ahead is slippery
How can I move forward?
But somehow I have started walking again,
Towards the distant rainbow, where dreams meet the reality
Where the world is not cruel.

I know I will reach there someday,
I know I am bleeding, It hurts a lot
But  I cannot stop, victory & glory awaits me
I have to move forward…

(It was a cloudy day, with heavy rains. when it started raining I opened my window, felt rain drops on my bare skin, I stood there for few minutes, closing my eyes. There was no rainbow nearby but it should be somewhere, hidden to my eyes)



Anonymous said...

great to have you back.
loved it
why does all your poems portray a dark feeling, a pain

Abhilash c said...

My anonymous frnd
thx 4 ur comments

i write best wen i write about pain. some of these are imagination, like a film director who develops a movie from a single thread. I will write something else soon :)