Saturday, August 11, 2012

July diary – A visit back to the dome of love

I had almost stopped zooming for couple of years. I didn’t find much inspiration in writing.  This month was special; I was in a time travel… travelling back few years. I like small kids a lot. Years back I my birthday celebration was with small kids at an orphanage. I wanted to visit it again. Last time I went alone. This time I wanted few more people. I was not sure how people will react to this new initiative. It was a leap of faith from my side. There was nothing to worry; many liked the idea. A FB group ( was created for this. Invited few close friends & they in turn invited few of their friends. I called mother superior and confirmed the date & time of our visit. It was an adoption centre so they had kids from 3 days to few years. Few days before our visit we bought few food supplements & chocolates from a nearby store. We bought the entire stocks of junior horlicks in that store. The look on the cashier was priceless when she saw the items. She would have imagined that I had a really big family: P

The visit was wonderful. We were around 10 people.  Once we reached the Shishu Bhavan, it was a different feeling. Sister guided us to the first floor. For a moment before the door was opened I felt sort of a sweet tension building in me. When I saw those small sweet eyes looking at us I forgot all the tensions I had. Few of them came running towards us with hands raised. I felt a very deep bond with Aisha. She was smiling at me. Her small eyes had a sort of calmness and love inside which I cannot describe in words.  How could I resist? I quickly picked her up & hugged her before anyone else claims her. She put her small arms around my neck dissolving all the barriers. For a moment I could sense my eyes getting wet.

It was a big family, soon few others kids also came towards me I lifted them also. Soon we became one among them, playing singing with them. Their sweet smiles, kiss, hugs & the smell of milk was priceless. I saw one engineer there, he wanted to play with my watch, turning all the keys and asking a lot of questions. Somehow I managed to satisfy his curiosity.

The most difficult part was going back. Before the visit I had jokingly warned my colleagues that they shouldn’t take those small kids back with them to home without permission. Really, I felt like taking at least one with me. They were so sweet. And finally when we started walking back few of the kids came and caught my hands pulling me back, another smart chap caught my leg. It was with very heavy heart that I had to put them down and go back. My heart was full, words were few. When we came down, we could see the kids crying asking us stay there with them. I quickly walked away from that place. If I had stayed there for few more minutes, tears would have rolled down. When I was driving back there was calmness in my soul which I didn’t felt for many months. I was breathing, I was alive & I knew how to love. I know this small visit has changed me for good.

There is another pretty good article written by my colleague regarding this visit. Check it out.

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