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The August diary - A different independence day & Onam with Mothers

It was time for another of those special moments in life.

This 15th August was different for me and many of my friends. This month we decided to visit an old age home (Hope Foundation). I have visited this place many times. But lately I didn’t go there. I talked about this to my friend and she readily agreed.  With the Onam festival around the corner we decided to make it large. The idea of giving a grand feast and OnaKodi gifts was too exciting (Thanks Annie for this). Even on that day I could visualize the warmth and the smiles on the mothers. But there was a problem I had lost the contact number of the volunteer “cheechi”.  I contacted my ex-colleagues and got the number from them. I called and confirmed the event on 15th.  I was little worried about the catering part. Usually at this time of the year all the caterers will be busy. It was a great relief when Vinayaka caterers accepted the order. Even then I was doubtful so I called them twice on two different days to re-confirm the order. Another anxious moment was when I had to go shopping for buying new clothes for the mothers. I had done shopping with my sister, cousins, mom & very few girlfriends but selecting 11 Sarees plus Churidars and few other dress was really a gigantic task. My shopping lasts for a maximum of one hour and on this particular day I went shopping for more than 4 hours with one of my best friend. Now I can understand the pain my other friends describe when they go shopping with their wives.

Being a holiday I was not sure how many people will join us. Many had doubts about the visit. I even tried to bribe few with the lunch menu :P.  Annie did a great job of shopping and co-coordinating the visit. I think I am getting better at my management skills. I can easily delegate a lot of things :P. In the last few days we got a small crowd for the visit.

On the D day we decided to meet at a common place before going to the place. I parked the car near the gate and entered the premises. Everyone present there was waiting with a big smile and open arms for us. I was visiting this place after 2 years but surprisingly few mothers remembered me. Slowly we started talking with everyone. There was laughter, smile all around. There was melody of love in the air, a sweet gentle music which was produced by the resonance of the chords in heart. I could feel this in every one of us. I was talking to one of the mothers there. She was sitting in chair and I was on my knees holding her hand. She enquired about my job, how I come to office etc. When I told her that I drive 26 km (one way) everyday, she advised that I should take a house near office. I told her that my parents are at home and they need someone to talk to everyday so I don’t consider driving this distance a burden. At that moment I could see the tears in hers eyes, I could feel the love in her gentle hug. She would have prayed for a son like me. I felt this love in many other mothers whom I talked. I believe all the angels who came with me on that day would have felt the same. We had so many mothers who are praying for us.

Surprisingly the caterers were punctual. They reached the hope foundation at 11 AM itself! They had confirmed this with me couple of times but I didn’t believe that they will be on time. The food was delicious. An A+ for them. They are going to be my preferred caterers for any event I organize.

It was time for our lunch. The delicious traditional Kerala style feast in banana leaf was waiting. We served the food for mothers. It was fun, a collective effort. By the time we finished serving we were sort of experts in traditional Kerala food serving. After the mothers finished their lunch we had the lunch. There were few kids who preferred sitting down on the floor on for the food. After we finished our lunch it was time for the OnaKodi making it a memorable Onam for everyone.

It was not only an independence day for the country but an independence day for me also. On that day I saw something so beautiful in all those faces. Now I know what is important for me. Now when I look back I know that I will be coming to this place again.

p.s. it was my mom’s birthday. How can I celebrate it better? :) On that shopping spree I bought her also a sari. Early morning (if you can say that 7 AM is early :D ) I tiptoed to the kitchen where she was busy preparing breakfast, wished her a happy birthday and gave her the birthday gift. She smiled & I was so happy for it. The day started on a bright side.

This was one of the best days of my life :)
Thanks for all those who supported ...may god bless each one of you.

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