Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Short story: The simple man, The God and understanding women’s mind

Many years ago, in a distant land there lived a very simple man.  People used to make fun of his dreams and his simplicity. Our simple man thought he should do something extraordinary to get peoples respect. After a lot of thought he decided that he will go the deep forest for penance. He selected a sublime place for his meditations. Gods were happy with his devotion. They decided to bless him. The supreme God appeared before him and asked him what he wanted. From childhood our simple man was fascinated with moon so he asked the God to create a highway between earth and moon so that he can reach moon easily. On hearing this strange request, the God tried to convince our simple man that for constructing such a highway it will take a lot of effort, steel, cement etc. It was nearly an impossible task.  God asked him to ask anything except this. Our simple man thought for few moments and then asked the God to give him the power to understand the mind of women. Now it was the turn of God to think. After thinking a lot God asked our man whether he preferred 4 lane highway or 6 lane highway to moon. 

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