Saturday, August 25, 2012

The power of smile: I saw a smile today

We have heard that a smile makes others happy. It doesn’t cost anything but still it is so hard to get one.  Today I saw how simple is it to give a smile and make others happy.

It was the shopping season; people were busy shopping, lot of cars outside. It was drizzling also. I usually buy petrol from one petrol pump for my car. My tank was half full but when I passed through that I area I thought I will fill my tank. When I reached the pump I saw a small queue – a car and an auto-rickshaw behind it filling petrol from two outlets. Once the car in front filled its tank, I reversed parked my car into the vacant spot. I looked around could find any free person around. I pressed my car horn to draw attention; one of the staff came towards me. Looking at his face I knew he was tired after a hard day in rain. I asked him to fill petrol for INR 1000 and gave my credit card. He would have preferred cash, now I made him walk extra in rain towards the main cabin for swiping it. Once he came back with the slip to sign, I asked him for a bill also. Looking at his face I knew he would have preferred some simple folks who paid in cash & didn’t ask for bill. I felt like giving something in return. I took a deep breath, looked into his eyes, brought the best smile I could on my face and said “thank you brother for your help”. I kept that smile for few seconds. Slowly I could see the frown vanishing form his face and a new sweet smile appearing. I started my cars & slowly it started moving forward. Now this guy came back, smiled back and wished me a happy Onam. It was a surprise for me. I couldn’t understand what he said but he repeated it for me. I felt so happy about that. As I started my car again, I could see him smiling through my rearview mirror. Smile was contagious. This so simple and the best thing I did that day

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Anonymous said...

you need a pure heart to smile